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think she's an amazing woman 2 ( pey ) (masculine) guy ( colloq character ( pej woman, female ( colloq pej. ( colloquial ) where the hell is that boy? Ex: Incunabulists, indeed, work on the assumption that a fount belonging to a fifteenth-century printer was unique to him, which is likely to be true enough of the fount as cast, but is not necessarily true of its punches. que combina diferentes tipos de re multi-source multi source. tipo decorativo display type. sin ningn tipo de restricciones no descuentos en ventiladores holds barred. What sort of car do you want? fundir tipos cast type. Econ rate Comp tipo bsico de inters base rate; de impuestos basic rate; tipo de cambio exchange rate, rate of exchange; tipo de descuento discount rate; tipo impositivo tax rate; tipo de inters interest rate; tipo de inters bancario bank rate; tipo de inters fijo. sistema bibliotecario de bibliotecas de varios tipos multitype library system. Ex: The field of computational linguistics is exciting insomuch as it permits linguists of different stripes to model language behaviour.

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asociacin de compradores de un tipo de productos consumers union. She stayed in the park the whole evening feeding the birds. algn tipo de some, some sort. machacar los tipos batter type. haber de muchos tipos come in all/many (sorts of) shapes and sizes. Pues no me ha insultado el nio este!

En este campo (en este terreno) in this area en este caso (en dicho supuesto) in this case En este caso, vamos a tener que conformarnos con lo que se acord en la reunin. Tuvimos todo tipo de problemas we had all sorts o kinds of problems 2) ( Bot, Literat, Zool ) type 3) ( Com, Econ ) rate tipo a trmino forward rate tipo bancario, tipo base base rate tipo de cambio exchange rate tipo de descuento. este tipo de such. Ex: Document descriptions may be drafted for a wide variety of different kinds of library material, but some common principles can be established.

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