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(2008 Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (3rd. In 1939 its faade received an award from the American Institute of Architects. Retrieved 8 February 2016. Jorge Telerman, who had been the acting mayor, was invested with the office. "Buenos Aires, nueva capital del turismo gay de Sudamrica". Retrieved "Llega baifff, el Primer Festival de Fashion Films de la Argentina". "La UBA apuesta al intercambio acadmico". Archived from the original on Retrieved 17 September 2013. Released in KGC @ 08/25/2011 One of the most anticipated jobs in Grand Chase's history. 132 Argentine literature began around 1550 with the work of Matas Rojas de Oquendo and Pedro Gonzlez de Prado (from Santiago del Estero, the first important urban settlement in Argentina who wrote prose and poetry. Local roads and personal transport edit Buenos Aires is based on a square, rectangular grid pattern, save for natural barriers or the relatively rare developments explicitly designed otherwise (notably, the neighbourhood of Parque Chas ).

103 The Kirchner Cultural Centre located in Buenos Aires, is the largest of Latin America, 104 105 and the third worldwide. 102 In fact, every weekend, there are about 300 active theatres with plays, a number that places the city as 1st worldwide, more than either London, New York or Paris, cultural Meccas in themselves. 83 In the city, 15,764 people identified themselves as Afro-Argentine in the 2010 Census.

The unit continuously assisted the personnel of the Argentine Federal Police, especially in emergency situations, events of massive concurrence, and protection of tourist establishments. "Best Art in Buenos Aires". Notable people edit Notable people originally from Buenos Aires: International relations edit World rankings edit Buenos Aires is classified cupon de descuento motorola as an Alpha World City, according to the Loughborough University group's (GaWC) 2008 inventory. Standing at a height of 120 m, it still retains its impact against the modern skyline of the city. Despite this legal benefits, homophobia continues being a social problem in the city and the country 179. 42 Highs during the season average.3 C (61.3 F) while lows average.1 C (46.6 F).